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Rosemary hydrosol

Rosemary hydrosol

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Hair and scalp tonic, rosemary hydrosol is one stop solution to all your hair and scalp related issues. Rosemary is anti fungal hence helps prevent dandruff and acne.

Rosemary is anti-fungal in nature. You can use spray it on diaper rashes, dandruff, itchy scalp, scalp fungal infections and more. Antibacterial properties help to fight acne, eczema, psoriasis and even rosacea. The powerful antiseptic properties of rosemary hydrosol are good for disinfecting skin and surfaces.

Rosemary hydrosol helps promote hair growth and is perfect for misting your hair with everyday as it gets absorb in your hair without making them sticky or oily.

Kaura Rosemary hydrosol is 100% pure sourced from Uttarakhand, India.

Our Rosemary Hydrosol is steam distilled using freshly harvested rosemary leaves in the upper Himalayas.

Ingredients: Organic rosemary steam distilled 100% pure

Net quantity 50ml