Lip Balm
Hydrate Unscented Lip Balm

Hydrate Unscented Lip Balm

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Shea butter helps by preventing dryness, providing enough amount of moisturisation and hydrating lips to get rid of dryness.

Cocoa butter adds a protective layer to lips by providing sufficient hydration that helps to defend them from extreme temperatures and indoor heat that can dry out your lips.  

Calendula is one of the most effective healing herbs known and is very soft on skin. It can treat wounds, cracked skin and dry skin and is the best ingredient for chapped lips.


1. Make your lips soft and smooth
2. Keep your lips moisture lock.
3. Reduces chapped skin from the lips 
4. Makes your lipstick look more defined.

Benefits of Almond Oil:

  • Helps to protect your lips from sun damage. Studies have shown that vitamin E, one of the essential nutrients in almond oil, help reduce damage to the skin caused by UV rays.
  • Improves lip’s tone with its emollient features.
  • Helps to get rid of the dry lips. 


Smells like unaltered butte


With ultra-nourishing and hydrating ingredients, our lip balm keeps your delicate skin lock with moisture for more than 24 hours. The balm has a very light texture and glides on super quick and easy.

This will be your go-to lip balm. Use it before good to bed or just under the lipstick for an instant dose of hydration. The blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and calendula infused olive oil added to make it extra gentle on your lips. At times when require you can even use it on your cuticles to calm the pain.

It doesn't contain any colour and essential oil.


Scoop out as required, glide on the dry/ chapped lips. Follow it up after using Kaura lip scrub for best results.


Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E.




Store in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from children below age 3 years. Keep away from direct sunlight. You can repurpose the jar after.



Q. I struggle with dry & chapped lips, what product should I use?

Ans. We have lip balm for the hydration and reduction of the chapped skin of your lips. It also reduces the lip’s skin damage caused by the UV rays of the sun.

Q. Can I really consume the edible chocolate lip scrub?

Ans. Yes, it’s 100% lickable off the lips, that is, edible.

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