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4 Amazing Ways to Mix your Dry Masks with Mixing Agents

Everybody is quite fond of dry masks and for a good reason. As they are super personalized for users, they are perfect for just any type of skin.

When you activate a dry mask, you are actually unleashing all the nourishment its ingredients have to provide, that ultimately results in ensuring the potency of that very ingredient. So if you are in a dilemma as to what exactly you can mix with Kaura’s dry masks, besides just water, then you have come at the right place!

We have listed up all our favorite mixing agents for you below and to your surprise, all of these can be found right in your fridge or pantry.

1. Rosewater

Rosewater is also known as a rose distillate or rose hydrosol. It is basically made from distilling fresh flower petals and water and is a byproduct of rose essential production. Rose Hydrosol is a mild astringent, antibacterial, soothes redness, retains moisture and balances all skin types. Thus, it can be used on even the dry skin or the most sensitive one. Rose hydrosol is emotionally beneficial too as it is anxiety-erasing and uplifting.

Deep Hydration Organic Rose Hydrosol from Kaura

Our organic rose hydrosol is made of Steam Distilled Water of Rose Petals of foothills of Himalayas and it preps, refreshes and purifies your skin as a gentle yet effective toner for the face. It also balances and restores your skin’s PH level and tightens the pores being the best alcohol-free toner for acne-prone or oily skin. The light cleansing action it performs helps to remove cleanser residue and simultaneously primes the skin for further skincare treatment.

2. Milk

Milk has the lactic acid in it which is a non-abrasive exfoliant, is mild, great for cleansing, softening and renewing irritated, sensitive and dry skin. Make sure that you use almond milk, goat milk, soy milk as these fall in the hormone-free whole milk category.

3. Honey

Raw honey is rich in potassium, several minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It is one of the best organic humectants which keeps the moisture in the skin. It fights off the bacterias that cause acne and thus is antibacterial and antifungal.

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is a mild astringent best known for its acne healing, PH level balancing and sunburn soothing effects. You just have to make sure that the aloe is in liquid form as the gel is usually full of all sorts of toxins and can’t be used as it is.

Natural Face Masks

Try these Kaura face masks to mix these ingredients with:

1. Vitamin C Face Mask (Chamomile powder + Rosehip powder)

vitamin C mask by kaura india

The vitamin C herbs and plant extracts in vitamin C mask like strawberry powder, hibiscus extract and rosehip powder nourish and refresh your fresh skin. The pure chamomile extract, rose clay detoxifies, exfoliates and hydrates your skin.

2. Soothe Mask

soothe mask by kaura india

The soothe mask from Kaura is made with bentonite clay and french green clay that helps to absorb the excess oil and clean the pores. The activated charcoal also helps to eliminate all the skin impurities.

3. Glow Mask (French pink clay + Peppermint)

glow mask by kaura india

Glow mask is a glowing mix of calamine, kaolin, french pink clay, peppermint oil and rose absolute oil that gently restores skin balance and calms it.

You can mix any of the above ingredients into these face masks above from Kaura. You just have to add your desired ingredient and mix well until you have a thick paste and then apply your mask to your skin, let it sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse well.

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