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Ways to achieve glowing skin.

No matter what your skin type is Kaura has a great face oil for you. 

There's something so elegant about skincare oil. We work with many botanical oils at our studio, and they strike that rare balance of luxury and simplicity. They smell lovely, shimmer in the light, and absorb beautifully. In addition to the sensory experience, oil blends pack a punch in terms of efficacy. We've outlined some of our favorite benefits:

Skin needs oil, yes even the oily skin!

Using facial oils on that dry skin feels pretty much a no-brainer, but it may seem counterintuitive for those with naturally oily skin. Products marketed for oily skin tend to prioritize eliminating oils and getting skin squeaky clean (alcohol astringents, oil-free moisturizers, etc.). The trouble is, skin needs oil in order to maintain a healthy balance. If it doesn't get enough, it panics and over-produces its own. This can lead to skin that is even oilier—causing clogged pores, breakouts, inflammation, and overall unhappy skin. Using a facial oil can help keep moisture levels in check for skin that is balanced and nourished.

That said, not all oils are created equal. Synthetic oils like mineral oil are said to clog pores and can irritate skin. And some oils are simply too heavy for oily skin. We kept all this in mind for Kaura Organic Rosehip Facial Serum, which contains only natural oils that provide lightweight, yet rich moisture suitable for all skin types.

Oil blends contain 100% active ingredients.

The beauty of an oil blend is that it's just that: a blend of wonderful oils. There's no stabilizers, fillers, conditioners, or water which you often see in creams or lotions. Every botanical oil we use provides specific benefits for your skin: vitamins, fatty acids, anti-bacterial properties, photo-damage protection, increased cell-turnover—the list goes on and on. You certainly get your money's worth, and your skin gets nothing but love and nourishment.

Oils lock in hydration.

For optimal health, skin needs both hydration (water) and moisture (oil). Oils help to moisturize skin and provide a gentle barrier to seal in skin's water content. Some oils, like hemp—used in our Repairing face oil—are also humectants and attract additional moisture into the skin. To maximize these properties, we recommend using oil blends immediately after hydrating, i.e. applying our serum after using our toner, and using body lotion right out of the shower or bath.


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