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Valentine Skincare Hamper - A Memorable Gift For Your Loved One

14 February, Valentine’s day is just almost a month away and we know that all you love birds must be very excited for the day. But something that would be causing you to worry is how you are going to look on the big day.

The reason to worry is quite obvious as our clever skin plays these tricky games on such special occasions of being a downer with breakouts, dullness and all. If you agree with this, you have to know that preparing your skin for the d-day is the best way to achieve flawless skin and when it is Valentine’s Day, you cannot compromise with your look. 

On the other side of this story, as Valentine’s Day is all about pampering our loved one, why not that person can be yourself? Though you do not need a special day to do so if that can be any day, why not 14th of February?

So, if you want to know how to shine this Valentine’s Day, we are listing some good skincare products that would make perfect Valentine gifts from you and for you. These top products can make you take good care of your skin and ensure that it is glowing and radiant.

Valentine Skincare Hamper & Collection

This Valentine Hamper from Kaura is made for the season of love with precious rose essential oil mixed with biodegradable sparkle and citrus notes for your perfect bath routine. The package consists of several kinds of bath bombs with a unique speciality to create a lovely vibe around you and your loved one, that would bring you a smile every time you remember that moment. 

1. Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Rose bombshell bath bomb

Rose bombshell bath bomb is our love-induced bombshell as you can add a special note in its note section before you checkout and then, your floating message will pop up in the bathwater with your handwritten note. 

Net weight: 180g

2. Little Heart Bath Bomb

Little heart bath bomb

Little heart bath bomb glitters your bath, it glitters everything! Pop this in the water and swirl your hand in it to see the sparkles of heart glitter everywhere. 

Net weight: 180g

3. Happy Swirl Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a colorful art to spread good vibes in your bathtub and it does that very smoothly. 

Net weight: 180g

4. Candle with Benefits

Candle with benefits by kaura india

Lit up your love life with this ultra moisturizing and non-greasy candle with benefits, to later take your partner home and enjoy a little massage with the candle’s goodness. 

Net weight: 80g

5. Ultranourish Body Conditioner

Ultra nourish body conditioner

This body conditioner prevents your skin from those early-ageing signs with the help of cocoa butter and antioxidants in it that fight free radical damage. The shea butter in its conditions soothes and tones the skin and vitamin E oil makes it healthy and smooth by deeply moisturising it and maintaining that moisturisation for 24 hours. It's a preservative-free formula that contains sand in it to eliminate flakes of dead skin cells.

6. ‘Kiss Me First’ Lip Scrub

Kiss me first lip scrub by kaura india

This is a vegan product with organic castor sugar, golden jojoba oil, cranberry seed oil being its key ingredients. Kiss me first lip scrub locks the moisture of your lip’s skin and keeps it hydrated by making your lips smooth. It keeps them away from roughness and dryness. It also helps the lipstick glide smoothly and looks even on your lips.

Net weight: 5g

7. Signature Freakshake (Limited Edition)

Signature freakshake by Kaura India

Signature freakshake is a 3 in 1 product with a combination of bath bomb crumble, soap and bubble bath, having the energetic and sweet scent of citrus rose. The base is of a bath bomb, consisting of oat powder, corn starch, rose essential oil and rose petals in it. The swirl is made of aqua, corn starch, sugar and baking soda.

The key ingredients of the soap are saponified extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic golden jojoba oil, cedarwood essential oil, buttermilk, cardamom essential oil, Oudh essential oil, vanilla essential oil and florals.

Net weight: 120g

These were all the natural skincare products in the valentine skincare hamper by Kaura India. Which one are you planning to gift your loved one? 

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