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Tips on how to give perfect back and shoulder massage with Kaura India Candles

If you love massages you are so gonna love our massage candle . Kaura candles are free from toxic and nasties, they are only made with skin loving ingredients such as soy wax, unrefined cocoa butter.

Here is how to use Kaura Candle With Benefits 

First thing first, light up Kaura candle with benefits and set up the mood with our essential oil aroma, meanwhile our candle able to melt the oils and luxurious butters until you create a relaxing environment without any distraction, turn off your phone, your laptop, just focus on your massage partner.

Now your candle is melted, softly blow the light and pour the oil, as its made with skin loving oil it will not solidify faster you have time to massage it into the skin of your partner slowly.

Glide the oil across the shoulders and begin to knead the upper back, this technique will warm the tissue and muscle effectively.

Perfect Massage With Kaura India

Take your time slowly to ease into the shoulder and neck slowly start using your knuckles very softly, using soft pressure. Use both your hands to sweep up the back and around the shoulder to create warmth and flow.

Remember always using minimum pressure.

Make figure eight around lower back to ease tension and bring fresh blood to the muscle, if your partner has lower back issue you may use a towel under the tummy to lift your partner slightly.

Work up the neck, onto the head with your fingers, and use gently shampooing like motion on the head. If your partner has hair tied tightly loosen them up so they can taste this luxury and ease their troubles to help them switch off.

You may do this for good 10-20 mins.

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