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The Best Christmas Skincare Gift Sets of 2022 | by Kaura

The idea for organic skincare and beauty has taken the world by storm ever since the pandemic began and we found ourselves a little more time for self-care. Today, most realize the long-term damage inflicted by those big-brand cleansers and lotions packed with every chemical you could possibly think of.

But the ability to build an entire skincare routine from scratch is a task inaccessible to many. Between the risk of trying out product after product and the burden of learning all about every good and bad ingredient, most people don't even know where to begin.

What if you could help them out? With Christmas just around the corner, you could make this your gift to them- the gift of perfect skin, a gift that mirrors their importance in your life. And a skincare gift hamper also helps take out the guesswork and just lets them get to it.

1.12 Days of Christmas Gift Box

The ultimate Christmas gift box curated by little elves just for you and your loved ones. Gift it to them or yourself, and it might take you to Santa's secret land! (shhhhhhhh)

What's in the box?

  1. Rose Hydrosol sourced from the foothills of Himalaya
  2. Body Massage Candle
  3. Limited edition MERRY CHRISTMAS lettered candle
  4. Golden Glow Mask/Scrub/Wash for nourishment and glow
  5. Bath With Rainbow Body Scrub to make your bath-time exotic
  6. Rose-Coconut Whipped Soap for super luscious skin
  7. Coffee Shampoo Bar for a shiny, plump head of hair
  8. Happy Hair Conditioner for ultra soft hair during winter
  9. Chocolate Lip Scrub to buff away dead skin to reveal kissable lips
  10. Hydrate Lip Balm to seal in your lips' moisture
  11. 2 tall Christmas candles - 100% eco soy wax scented candles
  12. Honey Nectar Whipped Soap for unbelievably moisturized skin

BONUS: This Christmas box comes with 2 FREE MYSTERY GIFTS!

2.Rose Everything Gift Box

For that friend who loves everything rose. This symbol of love is also a super-ingredient that's been around in the skincare industry for thousands of years, and it deserves all the praise it can get.

What's in the box?

Rose Coconut Whipped Soap


An inviting shower gel made with rose petal infusion and nourishing goat's milk that leaves your skin soft, hydrated, and an irresistible rose scent.

Shine Solid Shampoo Bar


A luxurious rose-coconut scented bar with Moroccan Argan Oil in a moisturizing glycerin base for the smoothest, shiniest hair you'll have ever seen. A sophisticated rose scent will linger in your locks all day and the bar will last you for a good 80 washes- now that's a good investment in your skin!

Rose Hydrosol


A powerful, single-ingredient toner that works so well to calm, soothe, moisturize, and balance your skin, that you won't need anything else to top it off. It will also cool irritation, prevent redness, and leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

3.Bath Bomb Box Limited Edition

An assorted collection of bath bombs to give them a pampering treat because they deserve it.

What's in the box?

  • French pink clay bath bomb
  • Himalayan pink salt bath bomb
  • Chamomile flower bath bomb
  • Rose flower bath bomb
  • French green clay bath bomb
  • Lavender bath bomb

4.Energize + Reliven- Skincare Gift Hamper

This one’s a sweet breakfast in bed.

What's in the box?

Chocolate Edible Lip Scrub


Scrub, Lick, Repeat your way to delicious lips!

Hot Chocolate Whipped Soap


The power of hydrating vegetable glycerine and vitamin E-rich cocoa butter in one jar.

Cookie and Cream Whipped Soap Scrub


This will take you on an exfoliating journey with an addictive cedarwood scent to keep you company.

Cookie and Cream Body Lotion


A non-greasy, ultra-moisturizing lotion that will fill you with energy


5.Restore and Repair Hamper

Something to boost your hair growth.

What's in the box?

Soothe Mask


With gunk-pulling French green clay spirulina, you'll say goodbye to acne for good.

Therapy Shampoo Bar


Empowered with activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil, this shampoo bar restores and repairs hair and scalp.

Deep Oil


100% Pure Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that you can probably use in a thousand different ways.


6.Soothe + Hydrate Gift Hamper

Soothing hydration for sensitive skin.

What's in the box?

Bath With Rainbow


Body Scrub enriched with moisturizing cocoa butter, almond oil, and shea butter for superior nourishment and getting rid of ingrown hair.

Lavender Whipped Soap


Mesmerizing whipped soap with calming lavender and oat infusion for acne, inflammation, and clear skin.

Dreamy Body Lotion Oats+Lavender Infusion


Drift away to the beautiful Himalayan valleys with this super-absorbent, creamy lotion with a calming lavender scent.

Oats and Kaolin Slab Soap


Our customers demanded this, so we created the perfect oats and kaolin clay for clear, glowing skin.


7.Bundle of Joy Gift Hamper - Bestseller

Our two most-loved products in one hamper.

What's in the box?

Rose-Coconut Whipped Soap


Stunning whipped soap with rose water infusion for toned, hydrated skin.

Bath With Rainbow Body Scrub


This remarkable rainbow body scrub will keep your senses engaged as it exfoliates, removes tan, and restores skin's elasticity.

8Fabulous Gift Hamper For Her

The ultimate skincare gift hamper for the women you appreciate.

What's in the box?

Rose Coconut Whipped Soap

For better complexion and skin tone

Bath With Rainbow Creamy Sugar Scrub

For exfoliated, de-tanned, brighter, and moisturized skin

Soothe Face and Body Mask

For youthful, nourished, and acne-free skin

Designer Soap

9.Relax Bundle

Timeless bath essentials for healthier skin.

What's in the box?

Dreamy Body Lotion


Lavender-enriched nurturing body lotion to relieve nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue, and allow better sleep.

Bath With Rainbow Creamy Sugar Scrub


Mesmerizing sugar scrub with calming lavender and sugar crystals for all skin types.

Rose Coconut Whipped Soap


A unique blend of rose infusion and coconut oil for moisturized skin.

Trust us, people don’t usually think about buying gift hampers for themselves, but they absolutely love receiving them! And what’s better than gifting them the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin?

Now get to picking out the perfect gift and then go wrap that bundle of joy in this intricate gift wrap by Kaura to give it that regal touch.

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