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What is Skin Fasting? Should you be doing it?

Skin is an very interesting organ that not just acts as a sensory and protective layer to our other organs but also breathes. With the growing use of makeup and skincare products we often get misleaded by using so many of them that we do not realize which ones suit our skin the most. This over usage of products has made us forget the actual needs of our skin. As a solution to this, a concept of "Skin Fasting" was popularized by a Japanese beauty company Mirai Clinical. They believe that traditional fasting can help as a healing method. Let us demystify this concept.

What is Skin Fasting?

It is a skincare concept where you need to take a temporary break from all your skincare and beauty products. It is believed that it helps your skin to heal itself and rejuvenate with time without any external treatments or coverage. It does what body fasting does to your body, "detox". It's a way through which your skin can breathe and heal itself. All you need is water to cleanse and a LOT of water to hydrate. Most of us are still working from home due to Covid19 pandemic and this skin fasting might help you to understand your skin even well.

How to do Skin fasting?

I tried experimenting this for my skin, my way and it worked in a span of 10 days. I went on skin dieting rather than skin fasting by basically downsizing my skincare routine and completely stopping the chemical- based makeup products. I think complete ceasing of your skincare routine might affect your skin negatively.

I started this experiment with fasting and my skin was dry and lips were chapped by Day 3. My forehead, in particular, was excruciatingly itchy. I felt the damage was growing at a faster rate and thus decided to add another requisite to this practise other than water. The only product I used was rose hydrosol as a face mist. This minimalistic approach started working for me on Day 8. By then I had gamed the system with my hydration trick. My water intake was grown to almost 3 litres a day and I started washing my face thrice a day just with nice splash of water followed by Kaura's Rose Hydrosol. It kept my skin hydrated with absolutely no amount of impurities, preservatives or chemicals used.

Rose hydrosol

What I learned from this fasting process was that our skin requires abstinence from heavy chemical-based skincare and makeup products for atleast a week in some 2 to 3 months. I was able to assess the natural state of my skin and was even clear on what products to use for my skin type. So, I think Skin fasting can help you treat your exact concerns effectively. It is not necessary you do it for a week, you can try to detox your skin with minimal fasting for a few days.

After the fasting period, slowly begin to introduce natural skin care products to your skin. If you’re someone who has been using chemical infused skin care products for a long time, now might be a good time to actually reassess your choice of product, listen to your skin, and introduce natural and organic skincare to your regime.

Who should do Skin Fasting?

Anyone can do skin fasting, there are no conditions to it. But I recommend it only if you  understand that your usage of chemical based products is high and you have some skin concerns. If you are going under any dermatological treatment, you should refer your doctor.

Skin fasting can be especially effective for your skin if you have been overloading it with too many products and still not seeing any results. Kaura suggests to switch your multiple products with one or two products with multiple treatments. For instance look for a facial cleanser that contains natural scrub, ingredients that work as mask, as well as nourishing properties instead of using three different products at the same time for each of these treatments. Kaura's Golden glow 3 in 1 facial cleanser is a scrub, mask and cleanser in one product which also maintains nourishment.

You can also opt for skincare products that are known to complement each even if that means 2-3 products together. For instance, Kaura's sugar scrubs, followed by masks that suit your skin and rose hydrosol that acts as a natural face mist. All these products are prepared from organic ingredients and are good for all types of skin. For most efficacious results you can follow our social media @kauraindia where we also guide best suited products as per skin type. You may also explore more such products at our online shop.

The duration for skin fasting may also vary from one person to another, because everyone has different skin types and it might require different durations of skin fasting to achieve the optimum state of skin health.


I think what my skin benefitted from this weeklong detox was fresh breath. I can definitely see that cutting out unnecessary products has helped me focus my actual skin concerns.

My dry, tight skin was also a reminder to hydrate. Yes, hydrating really can solve your problems. (Not quite all, but one can dream.) It’s also nice to take a break every now and again and just let your skin breathe.







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