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Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Shampoo Bar from Your Regular Liquid Shampoo

You must be wondering why should you switch from liquid shampoo to shampoo bar when you do not have any issues with it. Let us first tell you the most essential reason why we insist on you for this, it is because of the huge plastic waste in the form of the shampoo bottles that gets accumulated in the landfills and oceans. 

Imagine, a family with four members who are regularly using liquid shampoo would need a minimum of two shampoo bottles (500 ml each). Then the massive amount of plastic waste that gets accumulated after the bottles are used up is a big hazard to the environment.

Why Choose Shampoo Bar Over Regular Liquid Shampoo?

 So, let see some other reasons and benefits to using the shampoo bar:

1. They are very cost-effective

When it comes to cost, you can be assured that you won’t have to spend an extra penny for switching to it from the liquid shampoo. Organic bars are more concentrated as the water content is very less in it and you will only require a small portion of the bar to get your hair washed properly. This implies that organic bars will sustain for a longer time.

cost effective shampoo bars

2. Safe and Provides Better Results

The shampoo bars especially the Kaura ones are free from any kind of chemicals like sulphates, parabens, silicones, etc therefore they are perfect for your hair and completely environment friendly. We have different variants of shampoo bars like serenity, shine solid, therapy solid, etc from which you can choose the most suitable one as per your hair type and requirements.

better results with kaura shampoo bars

3. Plastic-free packaging

All the products of Kaura are packaged in environment-friendly material, for shampoo bars, we use paper packaging that is completely recyclable.

Kaura shampoo bar packaging

4. Leak-Proof

There is no scope of shampoo getting leaked as it is in solid-state and you can carry it easily in a box whenever you travel.

Variants of Kaura’s Shampoo Bars

  • Serenity Bar for flaky, itchy scalp and dry, damaged hair. Helps to eliminate dandruff and provide hydration and shine with essential oils.
  • Therapy Solid Bar for reducing hair fall to a large extent. And, deliver proper treatment of dandruff and promotes hair growth through spirulina.
  • Shine Solid Bar for dull flat hair. It makes the hair soft and the argan oil helps to strengthen and provide shine to hair.
  • Warmth Solid Bar for oily scalp and thin hair. The french green clay in the bar withdraws oil, toxic substances and impurities from scalp and hair to regain the shine and provide proper nourishment.

So, which shampoo bar will you choose for the healthy hair? Do comment below in the message section.

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