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Get The Bridal Skincare Routine At Home & That Too Naturally!

Waiting for your big day, beautiful Bride-to-be? Then you must be planning onto gathering all the makeup accessories and dresses for your wedding day to stand out as the most gorgeous bride ever. After all, that is fair enough as your wedding makeup artist will give you that perfect bridal glow that you want and your wedding dress will do all the rest. But what would still go missing in your busy work schedule, wedding planning and all, is the natural radiant skin that comes from skin care which becomes the least of your priorities.

When the most important thing for you would be to look radiantly beautiful on your special day, you would be left with acne, breakouts, dull skin, wrinkles and a host of other skin problems.

So how do you take care of your skin for your big day? Do not worry, because we have got your back and researched to provide you with the extremely helpful bridal skin care routine at home that comes with the ultimate wedding beauty tips that are easy to execute. This will also help you look and feel your best at your day!

Tips For The Perfect Bridal Skincare Routine At Home

Get started with your pre-wedding skin care at home at least a month prior to the wedding for a glowing natural skin.

So stop worrying for an appointment at the expensive salon, and follow this guide that will save you from all the skin problems, temporary skin and hair treatment:

1. Exfoliation is a must!

Exfoliation of the body is necessary to eliminate dirt and increase the blood circulation. For that you can use the Rainbow Body Scrub that smells like sweet lavender of Himalayan gardens and facilitates in removing tan by exfoliating the top layer of the skin with pure lavender and vitamin rich base and finely milled castor sugar that makes us regain the skin’s elasticity.

2. Keep your skin hydrated

Just like our body needs water, our skin also needs something for hydration. Here, Kaura’s Deep Hydration Organic Rose Hydrosol comes into the picture. It helps in purifying, prepping and refreshing the skin being gentle and effective face toner. The natural astringent, rose water, balances and restores the skin’s PH level, tightens the pores and results in being the best alcohol-free toner for oily or acne-prone skin. The cleanser residue is removed through its light cleansing action and simultaneously prepares the skin for further skincare treatment.

3. Masking regime

For your masking regime, you can try any of these masks for a great skin -

Glow Mask with French Clay + Peppermint helps you to get back the lost glow on your face by cleansing your cheek with the incredible soothing mask. An amazing blend of kaolin, calamine, rose absolute oil and peppermint oil properly soothes the skin and restores skin balance.

Soothe Mask with Spirulina and French Green Clay is made with the essential rich ingredients; french green clay and bentonite clay that clean the pores and absorb excess oil by eliminating impurities from the skin with the help of activated charcoal.

Vitamin C Face Mask with Chamomile Powder and Rosehip Powder nourishes and calms your face and skin with a mix of vitamin C herbs and plant extracts like strawberry powder, hibiscus extract and rosehip powder. The natural blend of pure chamomile extract, rose clay, french and australian pink clay potent clay also detoxifies, exfoliates and hydrates your skin.

4. CTR (Cleansing,Toning and Moisturising)

For your CTR skin therapy, our Dreamy Body Lotion with Oats and Lavender Infusion is a light daytime moisturiser with himalayan lavender infusion which helps in calming the skin with its healing properties. Nourishing Oat infusion and calming lavender essential oil helps to heal and refresh the skin. You can also use the Cookie and Cream Body Lotion just after your out of your shower, slathering this luxury cocoa vanilla-scented light-weight cream which smells like fresh vanilla topped with cedarwood helps lock in your skin moisture.

5. Do not forget about the hair care

This is most necessary before a few days of your wedding. For your hair care, try Serenity Shampoo Bar for dry, damaged and dandruff hair. Its rich ingredients and essential oils help to promote hair growth and make hair long, dandruff-free and healthy. It also treats itchy scalp and makes your hair soft. To add volume and shine, you can use Shine Solid Shampoo Bar which promotes luxury and uses soothing rose absolute, glycerine and argan oil to get smooth and shiny hair, leaving them absolutely soft. Also, you will be a fan of argan oil because of its useful features.

6. Facial steam: The final workout for your skin

Botanical Facial Steam is the final stage of your beauty regime. It is made with the blend of healing floral, herbal blend of calendula and hibiscus. Kaura botanical facial steam helps to soothe inflammation and provide hydration to your skin.

These were all the tips for having the best pre-wedding skin care routine at home. Do share your queries or feedback in the comment section below.

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