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Post Yoga Routine

 Kaura India yoga routine

Hey Guys!!

I am Somya. Today I am gonna take you through my favorite products to use after I come back from my yoga class. I live in Mumbai I love to do yoga and I love to go outside. Typically after my yoga session, my body needs a little pampering session a little bit of love and care.

So, let me tell you what products I use exactly to help me feel pampered.

First thing I get into the shower. I use Warmth shampoo bar as I need to take off all the sweat and dirt out of my hair and the clay in the shampoo bar gives me squeaky clean hair even making them softer.

One of the products that I love to use is Cookie and cream whipped soap. It has got a tonne of scrubby seashore sand, and this product really helps in exfoliating my skin and soften it. I really like scrubbing over little tough areas like behind my elbow and on my knees. And let me tell you product in the glass jar smells amazing it smells like fresh-made vanilla cake — it's sweet and refreshing which I like in my daily skincare routine.

The next product I love to use is Glow mask I mask twice a week or whenever my skin is feeling congested, I use glow mask - it has got rose clay and kaolin clay which is really clarifying for the skin and clean up dirt and oil on the skin. After washing —- it gives me clean n clear skin with a hint of glow.

The last product I use is dreamy body lotion, it has a very calming scent that lingers on your body for a while I even like using it before I go to sleep, it keeps my skin soft giving it healthy nourishment. So this has lavender and colloids oats infusion which calms down any of my skin irritation, how I like to use; I take a generous scoop of it and slather it on and give my self a little massage with its silky consistency hence easier for me to glide my hands. I love to apply it on my face as well.

Then after I  have done that let it sink in and really enjoy that moisturizing effect. 

I would love to know what products you like to use after your classes. Please comment on that below and I will see you soon. Bye.

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