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How To Repair Chemically Treated Hair? - Best Shampoo Bars & Hair Mask

Be it any damage or hair issues like frizz, dryness, dullness, flakes and fading, we all face one of these problems for at least once in our life. The main culprits behind these hair changes are the constantly changing climate, outdoor dirt, indoor humidity and heat from the hair tools.

Looking at these hair issues, we realized everybody has their own choice of hair mask when it comes to treating the damage and adding shine and moisture to them. Thankfully, Kaura has got the ultimate solution for all your hair problems.

Luckily, you do not need to search and struggle for any tiring remedy at home mixing many everyday ingredients for hours, as we bring you very organic and natural shampoo bars that are great for repairing and soothing those cuticles damaged from hot tools, salty water, coloring and even chlorine.

We want you to know that this list of shampoo bars will go for different hair type, whether it’s frizzy, dry, oily, coarse, wavy or just fine.

Below, we are compiling the best shampoo bars and hair mask to give you all the know-how for all those hair woes, namely, damage, irritated scalp and a lot more. Hit up this list and then, shiny and lustrous hair would be only a shampoo bar away!

Shampoo Bars For Healthy Haircare Routine

1. Wisdom Solid Shampoo Bar (For Repairing + Strengthening Chemically Treated Hair)

Wisdom shampoo bar by Kaura

The Wisdom Shampoo Bar is prepared with a touch of sweet basil, cedarwood, warming sage and strengthening herb and rosemary essential oil with a blend of lavender for your hair. All these nourishing ingredients of the shampoo bar neutralizes and oxidizes hair roots by calming down scalp inflammation and preventing stress and a major issue that is hair fall.

2. Serenity Shampoo Bar (For Dry & Damaged Hair, and Dandruff)

Serenity shampoo bar by kaura

To provide the hair with an ample amount of hydration to avoid damage and dryness, Kaura Serenity shampoo bar can be used. These bars are made with colloidal oatmeal to deliver the benefits of patchouli essential oil and also to regain shine. This shampoo bar greatly serves the curly hair that is prone to dryness and damage.

3. Warmth solid Shampoo Bar (Problem + Oily Scalp, Thinning Hair)

Warmth shampoo bar by kaura

The Warmth Shampoo Bar removes product build-up by eliminating dead cells, flakiness and extra oil from both hair strands and scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. The french green clay in the shampoo bar attracts oils, impurities and toxic substances like a magnet from your hair and scalp. It does not remove natural oils but gently reduces excess oil.

4. Therapy Solid Shampoo Bar (Hair Fall + Growth)

Therapy shampoo bar by kaura

To reduce hair fall and increase the growth of your hair, this therapy solid shampoo bar is made by mixing essential oils and some king ingredients like spirulina. The spirulina consists of vitamin A, amino acids, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids and all of these are excellent for your hair as they combat hair issues like thinning and baldness and are used to promote hair growth.

5. Shine Solid Shampoo Bar (Volume + Shine)

Shine solid shampoo bar by kaura

This shine shampoo bar from Kaura makes your hair irresistibly soft as it is made with soothing rose absolute, argan oil and glycerine that gets you flyaway and smooth hair. If you are looking to pamper your hair for shinier and stronger locks, then this shampoo bar is a perfect choice. You’ll become a fan of the benefits that the argan oil and rose absolute provides.

Soothe Mask (Spirulina + French Green Clay)

Soothe mask by Kaura made of spirulina

Soothe mask is the final touch in your hair treatment. It deeply nourishes the scalp by moisturizing and leaving the skin up there with a porcelain finish. It also results in being a great detoxifier for your scalp by providing them with a natural glow and improving blood circulation. The spirulina present in it contains a great number of nutrients, antioxidants and proteins to provide your hair with numerous benefits.

These were the organic shampoo bars and hair mask for the efficient haircare by Kaura. Do share your experience in the comments after using these products. 

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