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3 steps for glowing skin.

Today we are going to talk about skincare tips for glowing skin. Once in awhile we all need skincare that works immediately, this blog is dedicated to that. I have four skincare tips and products that will work instantly to achieve glowing skin for this wedding season.

Before step one I cleanse my face using Kaura whipped soaps, making sure my face is nice and clean and it's ready for step number 1

Number 1 - Kaura Botanical Facial Steam: We all agree that herbs are super-powerful for the skin. this step will give you an instant glow, dewy, cleaned pores and pink flush cheeks. So here is how I do it, I take a steamer to put some water it in and add 2-3 tablespoon of Kaura botanical facial steam, Adding Kaura botanicals in the process will help essential oils rise with the steam, it enables our face skin to take all those herbs essential water and oils into my skin —- additionally its open pores, clean, detox and give a dewy glow to skin kind of like the pink flushed look. 

Kaura botanical steam helps your skin irritation, calm your skin and also balances the skin cells above all this will give you maximum benefit —- as your pores are open and ready to absorb benefits of the product that you put next

Number 2 - Kaura Mask - preservative free and made from organic ingredients you can use the mask as per your skin type from our range of products.

I am using Kaura vitamin c mask for skin brightening - naturally brightens skin, as soon as it gets on your skin it gives luminous effect, one thing you wanna make sure that you apply this on clean dry skin apply thin even layer smells like honey put it for 15 minutes, I definitely feel my skin is brightened and is more hydrated and plumped, one thing about Kaura mask is that they all stay as is because it gets activated when you introduce it to a wet ingredient to it.

Step no 3 is facial massage, doing facial massage can completely change your face and manipulate it temporarily if you do it regularly it has long team effects a lot of celebrities do it just before red carpets.

If you want something right away ——want to feel like more lifted —more sculpted this is 100% effective. I like to do this with any smooth gel today I am taking Kaura unicorn whipped cream it gives a smooth surface to work on and in middle, I add more, you can use any tool of your choice but I like to use my fingers it allows me to focus on an area of my choice also I feel ring finger is best for facial massages as it can apply least pressure and I can work all over my face not worrying about any tool sterilization and cleaning and stuff so its more simple, under the eye, cheeks, nasal fold, just remember to go easy, and doing the uplifting motion.

The last tip is diet and that is drinking water - my makeup looks terrible if I don’t drink enough water, and feels amazing when I do. The thing that works right away takes advantage of it and all these are all to focus on so these were my four tips. Always remember Skincare before makeup.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog if you have any questions please comment below I will link all the product, like comment and share.

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