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Best Natural Face Masks For Oily Skin in 2021

There are real-skin glows and then there are Instagram filters for it. If you have oily skin, you are most probably using blotting sheets, tissue papers to wipe it off and apply mattifying powder on it to hide your regular breakouts with highlighters and creams.

Face masks, being the golden therapy for the skincare world, not only offers great help for your complexion but also provides the opportunity for self-care on a busy day. But there is no chance that all face masks are the same, part of the reason there are different kinds of skin types that require different ingredients. So picking one that is the best for your skin type is very important for getting some great results.

If you have oily skin, only hydrating offerings that the beauty market provides, will not be that right for you. Instead, detoxifying and purifying formulas are the ones that will not strip your skin off and will help you keep the excess oil in check. In that case, good face masks are of great help, as they help us treat and reduce oil from our skin by cleansing and absorbing oils from the skin’s surface. They also improve the hydration of our skin and its baseline level of moisture. In this way, the skin does not find the need as such to overproduce.

For beginners, what qualifies as a good face mask is that it should not leave your oily skin completely dry or cracked, it also should not be too costly and come with a couple of required key ingredients.

Best Face Masks For Oily Skin 

Ahead are the suggestions of some best face masks for your oily skin that exactly do that:

Soothe Mask with Spirulina + French Green Clay

The Soothe Mask from Kaura is prepared with french green clay and bentonite clay which are some essential rich ingredients that help in absorbing the excess oil and cleaning the pores. The activated charcoal in it also helps in eliminating all kinds of impurities from the skin. These active ingredients enhance the natural healing of the skin by improving the circulation, which also results in an overall clear complexion.

These are some other products by Kaura to get rid of oily skin:

Golden Glow Facial Cleanser

Golden Glow 3 in 1 Facial Cleanser by Kaura is made with turmeric powder to give the much-needed glow and with sandalwood essential oil, which helps the skin to become calm and soothing. The kaolin clay makes an ideal cleansing agent that absorbs the impurities from the skin. The other ingredients that hydrates and softens the skin and helps to rehydrate and tone it are vegetable glycerin which is a humectant and Witch hazel water, which is a natural astringent. This facial cleanser suits best when you want to brighten your complexion and want an instant glow for any event or occasion.

Oats and Kaolin Soap

This soap from Kaura is free from all essential oils and palm oil for your oily skin’s safety. The colloidal oats in the soap have anti-inflammatory properties that add moisture to your skin by working as an emollient. Kaolin clay helps to attract impurities from the pores of your skin and removes them as the dull dead skin by making the skin super soft.

For a better treatment of your oily skin, you can add our 

These were the top skincare face masks by Kaura. Do try them and share your experience through reviews and comments below.

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