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Dry skin routine

Avani Kaura Dry skin routine

Hi there 

My name is Avani and I am a college student.

I am going to tell you my exfoliation routine as my skin type is dry. I have a super dry skin I have had it my entire life but my legs are especially in this season If I would pull up my pant leg if I didn’t use these products there is snow basically of dry skin flakes it's really gross. so, today I am gonna show you the products that I use to keep this at bay.

I guess I am gonna start with a multi-use product golden glow 3 in 1 facial cleanser what is cool about this product is its mask scrub and face wash all in one, so I use it regularly for a while and what I struggle with is acne skin and I really struggled with in having acne-prone skin my skin is really dry and a lot of things were really astringent and every scrub kinda pulls off that moisture layer. So golden glow is super gentle, it just a gentle exfoliant that has a few rice scrubs in it. And I find that you break off a little bit add some water and massage it over your skin and doesn’t feel like scrapping, it's lightly buffing, you would bearly even notice it. After you wash your face it's so fresh and smooth that it just feels like it has taken that layer off of dirt on top. This smells like sweet woody scent like maybe its sandalwood, like sweet little food scent on your face.

The next product I tend to go to is for the body I go for body conditioner I have been using this from winters because again I am very dry, the scent of body conditioner is more like cocoa a little chocolaty, 

I use this because I need to exfoliate and nourish both deeply and don’t want to be very harsh on my skin so the cocoa and shea butter kinda helps that and let's be honest it helps me get things done faster as I don’t have to moisturise when I come out of the shower. How I use it I get in a warm shower and rub it against my body and it melts with the help of my body temperature and with warm water of course 
just slather it on then rinse off pat myself dry and I am good to go.

Finally, I use bath salts as I am a new runner and my feet are getting some beating because of that I started using bath salts once in a while,this has Epsom salt and sea salt which calm sore muscle. 

That’s my exfoliation routine. Thank you for joining me, hope to see you soon

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