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11 Almond Oil Benefits For Skin That Makes It A Prime Ingredient

You must have heard that almond oil is really good for your skin but did you wonder what different kinds of benefits it provides? Oh yes, you wondered! That’s why we guess you have landed here.

Before jumping on to the benefits, let’s first quickly know about the almond oil and its types.    

There are mainly two types of almond oil; Bitter and Sweet. The sweet almond oil is better suited to your skin, as it is extracted from an almond tree. The bitter almond oil can be harmful and extracted from a different type of almond tree. The bitter one is particularly used for medicinal purposes.

The essential nutrients derived in sweet almond oil are vitamin E, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. Every nutrient has a particular feature and benefit. Another aspect that detects the quality of almond oil is the extraction procedure. 

Why should you use Almond Oil?

Almond oil is filled with the goodness of vitamin E and not just that, it also has vitamin A, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin A helps to smoothen fine lines and omega-3 fatty acids prevents early ageing. Vitamin E benefits by preventing cell damage and zinc helps to treat facial scars. And, also almond oil is very light and non-sticky and suits different skin types.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

Almond oil is great for the skin because of its essential features that helps to restrict the loss of natural moisture from skin along with many benefits:

1. Reduced skin irritation

Almond oil helps to soothe your skin at times of need. If you are suffering from itchiness and swelling, almond oil helps to calm the irritation as a quick solution before searching for a long-lasting cure. Using it generally on the areas of requirement adds an extra moisture, soothing any irritation your skin might be facing.

2. Soothe Inflammation

Almond oil acts as a great alternative to harmful ingredients as it not just dissolves extra oil on the face but also reduces inflammation. It is the best ingredient if you suffer from acne. 

3. Cleanses the pores & skin toxins

Sweet almond oil is great at eliminating toxins from skin, cleaning pores and locking in moisture that restricts the entry of dirty microbes. 

A suitable and natural skincare product that contains almond oil which reduces the appearance of pores and cleanses them is Glow Mask by Kaura

4. Refreshes Skin

Almond oil helps to refresh your skin when it looks dull. It has softening effects that are very useful when your skin is not looking perfect.

5. Lightens the acne

Almond oil can be utilized as a cleanser for skin for preventing acne occurred due to the build-up of sebum.

It is rich in retinoids, which are a class of compounds rich in vitamin A. Retinoids help to prevent acne by cleansing the pores from dirt and impurities.

6. Provide hydration to skin

Using almond oil on your skin helps to capture the moisture and enhance the glow of skin. Along with hydration, it also helps to improve the complexion and make skin tone even.

7. Make skin smooth & youthful

It helps to make the skin smooth and moisturised. It also improves collagen production and has anti-ageing properties that decrease fine lines and wrinkles. 

Want a lotion that makes your skin smooth, nourished & add shine? Check Unicorn Lotion by Kaura

8. Get rid of skin dryness

Do you suffer from dry, itchy and flaky skin? Almond oil helps a lot in retaining & locking in moisture and keeping it hydrated.

9. Lightens the scars and marks

Yes, you read that right, almond oil rich in zinc can heal acne scars. As per the research, the almond oil helps to effectively treat stretch marks and acne scars. 

10. Decrease puffiness and under-eye circles

The almond oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps to reduce the puffiness below the eyes and lighten the dark circles. Almond oil is rich in retinol, vitamin K and vitamin E that helps to calm the skin below eyes and decrease the look of fine lines around the eyes. 

11. Moisturizes chapped lips

Applying almond oil on dry, cracked and chapped lips helps to nourish and keep the moisture intact for super soft lips. 

The hydrate unscented lip balm by Kaura is a very useful lip care product that protects your lips from sun damage, enhances lip’s tone and provides the required moisturisation to your lips.

Wrapping Up

Almond oil has a lot to offer in terms of skincare, isn’t it? We tried to cover all the essential benefits of almond oil for skincare and also suggested suitable and natural skincare products. If you know any other benefits of almond oil, do suggest in the comments section, we will update that too. 

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