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8 Amazing Benefits of Rose Hydrosol We Bet You Didn't Know

We have been using rose water since ages and it is utilized in beauty products as well as different foods & drinks. It is filled with health benefits. Let's discuss.

If we talk about its creation process, it is simply produced by refining rose petals with steam. The rose plant has a high amount of vitamins and oxidants which provides a range of benefits related to skin, hair, natural medication, etc. 

You must have heard about different brands of Rose water but when it comes to Kaura’s rose hydrosol, it is 100% natural and pure. If anytime you have itchiness in your eyes, just put a few drops of the hydrosol and the irritation will vanish in some time.  

This is only a single benefit from which you can understand the level of purity it possesses. Now, let’s discuss some other essential benefits of Kaura’s rose water.

Kaura Rose Hydrosol

Top Benefits of Kaura Rose Hydrosol

1. Calms throat irritation

The rose hydrosol provides calmness to inflammation, especially in the throat. Whenever you suffer from throat inflammation, just add it in a glass of warm water or tea and your pain will get reduced till the time you visit a doctor. It is also a great source of vitamin C to keep you healthy.

2. A major ingredient to treat infections

The Kaura’s rose hydrosol has strong antiseptic features that can help to restrict and treat different kinds of infections related to skin and eyes. It helps to clean and fastens the healing process of cuts, burns and scars.

3. A great hair tonic

It is a perfect solution for the frizzy hair which is a very common issue in both women as well as men that occurs due to lack of moisture in the hair which ultimately results in hair fall. The rose hydrosol is very handy and you can carry it particularly in summers when the frizziness becomes a regular hair problem.

Kaura's rose water hair benefits

4. Help to relax anxiety

The rose hydrosol possesses antidepressant and anxiety relief features. It helps to relieve stress thereby keeping you calm and refreshed. You can drink it before you go to bed to get better sleep.

5. Keeps skin hydrated

It is the primary use of rose water which helps to provide proper hydration to your skin. You can apply it directly to your skin and face. After you wake up, instead of washing your face with water try spraying rose hydrosol to kick-start your day being refreshed.

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6. Strengthen your gums

It is scientifically proven that you can use rose water as a mouthwash. It also helps to calm down gum inflammation and maintains good oral health. So, definitely try the kaura rose hydrosol in place of your regular mouthwash and you will fall in love with it because of its nice smell and taste.

7. Makes you look young

The rose hydrosol also helps to decrease wrinkles and actually has anti-ageing properties that make you look much younger and confident about your looks.

Kaura Rose hydrosol makes people look young

8. Ease digestive issues

It is proven in a study that rose water can help to treat digestion problems and reduce pain related to it. If you have indigestion issues after the intake of a certain food, consume rose water in your drink to prevent bloating and stomach pain.

Other Multi-purpose Uses of Rose Hydrosol

  • Acne Eliminator: Mix rose water and lemon juice equally to fight down your frequent acne problems. Switch From Your Regular Soap To Lavender Whipped Soap For Best Results
  • Eye cleanser: Apply rose water with a cotton ball and rub on your eyes for a relaxing effect.
Kaura rose hydrosol cleanses eyes
  • Conditioner: Use rose water after shampoo instead of your regular conditioner. 
  • Makeup remover: Pour drops of rose water to a makeup-removing wipe to enhance the cleansing effect and hydrate the skin.

A single rose hydrosol product can do much more than what we think, isn’t it? So, what was your favourite use of Kaura’s rose hydrosol? Do let us know in the comments below.  

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